Dental Professionals

CE.LIYA is a new solution that will soon reshape the way dental professionals find and sign up for CE credits live and online

What does this mean for you?

What are the benefits of membership for dental professionals?

Access to dental CE events online and live in your area

Track & manage all your CE credits in one location, even those earned outside CE.LIYA

Access to a vibrant community of dental professionals

Better access to continuing education allows you to better serve your patients

A unique way to manage your CEs – less stress and better results!

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Our Mission

“To make Continuing Education credits easily acCEssible for all.”

Our goal is to improve local access to continuing education events in the dental field, allowing industry professionals to advance their skills.

If you are a licensed professional looking for continuing education opportunities in your local community, we are the only resource you need.

The CE.LIYA membership-based website not only connects our community, it allows us all to improve our education by making in-person and online CE events more accessible – Live In Your Area.